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No pain No Gain

Monday – 25 regular crunches, 15 push-ups, jog 15-20 minutes, leg crank workout, and 
25 stamina jumps of choice (if herkies, alternate legs).
Tuesday – 25 cross-over crunches, 15 push-ups, leg crank workout, and 25 legs up and out.
Wednesday – jog 15-20 minutes and do 25 stamina toe touches
Thursday – 25 regular crunches, 15 push-ups, 10 stamina herkies, 10 stamina toe-touches, and leg crank exercises.
Friday or another weekend day – 25 cross-over crunches, 20 push-ups, leg crank exercises, 25 legs up and out, 
10 jumps to counts trying for best jumps!

If you want to get creative and change it up, that’s fine as long as you’re getting an equivalent workout.
Aerobics or video exercise programs like Tai-Bo can replace jogging!  

Jump Conditioning

Power Jumps

Ab workout

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