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Congratulations to the 2005-2006 Skyline 

JUNIOR VARSITY  Cheerleaders

Ariele Montes

Destinee Cohen

Arielle Ward

Jasmine Penelton

Artrea Robertson

Jiory Walker

Aukitrian Elmore

Kalita Gales

Bianca Collier

Katrina Banks

Bianca Smith

Kevia Jordan

Brea Lewis

Latoria Reddick

Brittany Washington

LaTriece Perry

Brittney McNeary

Raphael Freeney

Brittney Seals

Sharisma Delley

Callie McGary

Tanisha Elliott

Candace McCann

Tia Sims

Chasiti Hill

Tierney Rattler

Cynthia Lee

Victoria Black

Dayana Borges

Zanetta Johnson

Flag Runner-Anthony Lewis

**************Welcome aboard.*************** 


Click on workouts to view the drills that you need to work on during your Christmas break. Please use the Christmas break to rest, but continue to stretch daily. Workouts start the first week in Jan. Please keep in mind that earning a spot on the squad, does not mean that you will remain if you do not keep physically fit.

Squad motto:

All for one and one for all, Break a leg, OUCH!!!







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