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Congratulations to the 2005-2006 Skyline 


Antonio Smith

I'sha Taylor

Ariel Joyner

Jessica Ross

Arria Andrews

Kendra Randle

Ashala Connley

Kiera Williams

Ashley Davis

Marquita Dorn

Ashley Scott

Melissa Hooper

Ashton Burton

NiTeshia Westbrook

Brittany March

Reagan Porter

Brittney Banks

Shamyria Minor

Catherine Browne

Stephanie Munoz

Courtney Washington

Tamara Smith

Danielle Osborne

Tiffanie Jones

Diamond Thomas

Tiffany Washington

Dolissa Webb

Wintress James

Folashade Williams

Yunieka Jackson


The Legacy continues................How will you leave your mark?

Head Cheerleader(s) will be selected by MRS. JOHNSON,  it will be based on  leadership skills, ability to effectively communicate with others, the ability to listen and hear among other things.  Length of time on the squad or previous position holder will not have any bearing on the determination on this position.


Click on workouts to view the drills that you need to work on during your Christmas break. Please use the Christmas break to rest, but continue to stretch daily. Workouts start the first week in Jan.  Please keep in mind that earning a spot on the squad, does not mean that you will remain if you do not keep physically fit.

Squad motto:

A successful team beats with one Heartbeat; Team Work (team jerk)

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